Symptoms of Stress
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Symptoms of Stress

Stress affects different people in different ways.

Stress can either help to increase the effectiveness or it can hinder the effectiveness of an individual, depending
upon the stress level.

The chemicals that are released by our body as a result of stress can build up over time and cause various mental
and physical symptoms. These are listed below.

Mental symptoms
•        anger,
•        depression,
•        anxiety,
•        food cravings,
•        lack of appetite,
•        difficulty sleeping (mental),
•        feeling tired, and
•        lack of concentration.

Physical symptoms
•        constipation or diarrhoea,
•        cramps or muscle spasms,
•        nail biting,
•        nervous twitches,
•        feeling restless,
•        a tendency to sweat,
•        sexual difficulties such as erectile dysfunction or a loss of sexual desire,
•        muscular aches, and
•        difficulty sleeping (physical).

If the above stress symptoms continue for a long time,it could lead to

Heart disease
Respiratory distress
High Blood Pressure etc

It is advisable to take action to get rid of stress from your life.
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