Relationship Counselling
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Relationship Counselling

Our education system is pretty comprehensive, however, one important aspect of life,
relationship, still untouched.

Nothing much about how we can live happily in our relationships.

A number of marriages are going towards failure not because couple do not understand
each other but they do not know how to understand each other.

Similarly not because couple have differences but they do not know how to sort out
their differences.

The relationship counselling session can be held at our studio or at your residence and
incorporate following modules.

  • Most nourishing element of relationship
  • Most destructive element of relationship
  • Why do man try to dominate?
  • Why do relationships fail?
  • Why do we get angry?
  • Why can't we say no?
  • How to criticize or advise a man.

Relationship counselling sessions are interactive and focus on real life issues.

You benefit by understanding practical issues and you will also learn how to solve them.
The objective of the relationship, marriage and couple counselling is to making people
independent so that they can make their own decision.

Managing personal relationship is also like any other science and quite simple if we
understand how human mind works under different conditions and why it works.
Relationship Counselling
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