Causes of Stress
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Counselling Articles - Causes of Stress

Following are the most common causes of stress:

Health problems, if you have a chronic illness such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes

Emotional problems, such as unexpressed or uncontrolled anger, depression, grief, guilt,
or low self-esteem.

Relationship problems, if you do not have someone to share your feelings with, are
having difficulty in a relationship.

Your surroundings, if you live in a dangerous or uncomfortable area where overcrowding,
crime, pollution, or noise is a problem.

Your job, if you are unhappy with your work or your work is dangerous or too demanding.

Your social situation, such as poverty, loneliness, or discrimination based on race,
gender, age, or sexual orientation.

Life cycle transitions and developmental stages, such as becoming a teenager, leaving
home, or getting married.

Conflicts with your belief system—your perceptions and beliefs about the world, life, and
yourself. For instance, if you place a high value on family life but don't have the family life
you want, you may feel stress.
Causes of stress
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