Palm reading in London
                   (With additional insight from Indian Vedic Astrology)

The Palm is the true and honest window of the human soul. Our palms are unique,
and no two people on the planet throughout all of time had or will ever have
identical palm prints.

Sometimes life can trip us up and we need some clarity, guidance and understanding to
help us through a difficult stage and our palm can show us the way.

Palm prints can help in removing the blocks in one's life and one can open up
to a much happier and healthier future.

Pain that one may be carrying from past traumatic experiences, broken relationships or
lost loved ones can be released, allowing one to go forward in life without being afraid of
the past repeating itself.

Please Note:  Our palm reading sessions are not fortune telling session. Our
session helps you to identify
  • Your strength for progressing
  • Weak areas for improvement &
  • Counselling and finding solutions in life.

Please Note: Waiting time for palm reading appointment
can be up to 2 weeks
. (Please have patience we have waiting list of
around 45 people at the moment).
Palm reading in London
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Mind blowing.
Subodh was able to tell from
my hand about my personality,
my thinking process, my life in
the past, about my
relationship, my parents and
health issues

& also guide me through the
Subodh was exactly right with
his assessments of my
personality and past, from
reading my palms. He was
very easy to talk to, and
I felt
relaxed throughout our
He made some
exciting predictions for my
future. My life is chaotic at the
moment, but I feel more
focused as a result of talking
to Subodh.
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We are currently based in
Hounslow, London,
adjacent to
Hounslow High Street.

Within walking distance from
  • Hounslow east tube -4 min
  • Hounslow Train -12 min

Bus no H37 from Richmond,
Isleworth and many other buses
at Hounslow high street.

Current contact address:
48 Baroque Court,
Prince Regent Road,
Hounslow, London

Nearest Landmark: 24 hours

Note: Please come on
exact time (We don't have waiting


  • Full charges applies if you don't show up or arrive after your scheduled time.

  • We don't have waiting space so please come on exact time.
  • (Also should you come along with your friend please note that we only admit one person at a time).

  • Recording is strictly not allowed during the session.

  • Please note If you arrive late, you would miss that time out of your scheduled time of 45 minutes.

  • Pay and park facilities is there opposite to ASDA

Venue: Baroque Court

  • Venue is adjacent to Hounslow High Street, number of cafe and shopping mall
near by, just in case if you arrive early.

  • No walk in query, please, your appointment must be booked in advance.

  • Please take location map and address with you before you leave your house.

  • If having a gift voucher/coupon, you must bring the print out with you.

We reserve the right to refuse services to customers who are rude or who exhibit any behavior       
deemed inappropriate.

  • Thank you for reading all the info, we wish you have a happy and lovely experience. :-)