Work Life Balance
Work Life Balance
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What is Work-Life Balance?

Work-life balance : is being aware of different demands on time and being
able to allocate time to all the 6 dimensions of human life for finding balance.

Why should employers be interested?

The work environment has changed. In the 24-hour, 7-day society, customers expect service at
times that suit them. More and more people have to juggle responsibilities at home and in the

According to research, three out of four people say they are working very hard; many say they are
working as hard as they can and could not imagine being able to work any harder. The surveys also
show that one in five people, including many managerial and professional workers take work home
almost every day.

Despite this overlap between home and work, only 33% of workers say their employer  has any
family-friendly practices or personal support services in place.

Who benefits?

Much of the discussion of work-life balance has focused on the ‘family-friendly aspect’  of childcare,
and the problems faced by people with babies, toddlers and school  age children but placing most of
the emphasis on them is narrow focus and can alienate some employees as it is not only children
who are dependent on others. In the UK, several million people already act as carers for elderly or
disabled friends or members of their family. And employees with no dependants may have
commitments within the community, or other work, etc.

Work-life balance is not just for women. Many men stand to benefit in their roles as  fathers,
partners or dependants. Society also benefits since stronger and more stable families provide good
adult role models, fewer broken relationships and a reduction in crime and other anti-social
behaviour. So everybody stands to benefit from policies to improve employees' work-life balance.

What is the benefits to business ?

There are several benefits to business when introducing policies for work-life balance

Higher productivity and competitiveness
Increased flexibility and customer service, for example to cover for absence and holidays
Raised morale, motivation, commitment and engagement
Reduced absenteeism
Improved recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce
Wanting to become an ‘employer of choice’
Meeting legal requirements.
Work Life Balance
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